Secure messaging services in Australia

I am looking for reviews/recommendations for Argus, Referral Net, HealthLinks or Medical objects please. My first choice was ReferralNet because it has 2-way interoperability with Argus, but without the $275+ installation fee charged by Argus. However, ReferralNet falsely advertise that they link directly with Cliniko software and despite complaining about this on the 13/8/21, and being told by a manger they would discuss this issue with the marketing department, Cliniko is still listed on their website today. Furthermore, I have emailed and called ReferralNet multiple times since the 13th August with nil response. This does not provide me with confidence in choosing their service.

Because Cliniko has nil sms integrations, to use any of the 4 companies listed above, a plug-in has to be installed and sending and receiving documents needs to be done manually which is frustrating and poor use of time. Any feedback on use, service and reliability of these sms would be greatly appreciated.

If you do not use an sms, how do you securely receive/send referrals, letters etc? The use of fax is being phased out and standard email is not very secure. Has anyone tried using Proton Mail or other end-to-end encryption email services as an alternative?

Cliniko team - when can we expect at least one sms integration? CorePlus advertises a free integration with Argus (and thereby also ReferralNet) and HealthLink, & Halaxy has an integration with ReferralNet at a cost of $0.45 -$0.66 to send a message and no cost for receiving a message.


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Don’t hold your breath. Despite lots of people asking for better letter templates and integration with secure messaging, Cliniko have made it pretty clear it’s low on their priority list. It’s like they think that their users don’t actually run health or allied health practices where report and letter writing and communication are as important as calendar management.

Thanks for the response. Which technology do you use to receive referrals and send confidential feedback letters?

I (sadly) use Efax - I hate it, and would love Cliniko to come up with a solution - I’m considering moving to Coreplus for their letter template and integration with Healthlink. Healthlink do have a free service for receiving referrals, worth checking out - but still limited for external communications,

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