Search invoice number from "add payment"

Currently when adding payment you can only search patients name. Would be helpful to be able to search invoice number in addition to patient name. Would save a lot of time having to go into encrypted pdf’s and open the file. Could just do it from the email.

I know that you can search invoices from the invoices page but extra steps.

It would be extremely useful if you went the next step and after searching for the invoice number applied the payment to the invoice rather than the first one on the list which is rarely the correct one when the client has multiple outstanding invoices.

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This is a good idea!
Also to be able to pay multiple invoices for multiple customer when you have a bulk insurance payment!

I have been asking for that function for quite a while now kind of given up on asking

me too but perhaps persistence is the key! :slight_smile:

I agree with all of the above, the “back end” accounts management and reports side of Cliniko is quite poor and adding a lot of work/ work arounds…Some of these simple things shouldn’t be hard to improve…

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I know! Instead, we get improvements for time zones! Which I don’t think are crucial!