Schedule of Care


It would be great if the Doctors recommended ‘schedule of care’ could be entered into the patients file, and be seen when clicking on the patients name on the appointment diary.

This way, the Doctor can update their recommendations from his/her consultion room, and reception staff can see this in real time at the front desk.

That way, when a patient finishes their appointment and heads to the front desk to pay, the reception staff would already know that the doctor has recommended (for example), 2 appointments for the following week, and be able to help the patient with their bookings.

Not sure if this would be easy to do or if other practitioners would find this useful?


This would be amazing to implement, the inability to communicate with reception from the treatment room is one of the major downfalls of Cliniko. Yes, slack is an option, but as described above is essential.


Just wanted to let you know I’ve moved this to the Feature Requests category!

I’d recommend putting this into the notes field in the patient’s file right now. While it would involve reception staff clicking into the patient’s file to have a look, it would be the easiest place for “at a glance” information on what needs to happen next with the patient!

Alternatively, the practitioner could also add/edit appointment notes so when reception clicks into the appointment, they would see the schedule of care right on the pop-up, and be able to assist with the next bookings.




Good options for now, but would be great to see something less fiddly down the track :slight_smile:


Seeing where they are up to in their recommended schedule would be really useful for both practitioner and receptionist. Eg. If you have recommended 12 visits and being able to see at a glance that they are at 10 visits and will be due for a progress/re-examination would save so much time and not counting where they are up to.