Room booking feature/category

with my recent business expansion and development, I now have a studio available for rental and personnel within the business to complete group classes and sessions in - but for all the hired usage I am back to the old school pen and paper diary and have to ensure I am on top form with not booking classes/group sessions with others booking too.

Creating a “room” booking category/feature would be great to remove pen and paper - and make it even easier to invoice and process through one system.

We use coloured appointment types for each of our rooms, which has been working up until now, but now with all the additional features on cliniko, such as tracking billable hours, the coloured appointment types mess with this! Is there a way to add colour or different features to unavailable blocks? So, have “billable items”, “appointment types” AND “other”/“unavailable blocks”. Staff love the colour functions for appointment types! It’s all about the colours!

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