Room allocation feature

A room allocation feature would help our clinic dramatically as we are a multi allied health service. To be able to attach a flag or stripe to an appointment to allow our team to be able to glance at the diary and know what rooms have been taken or are free to use. I know this feature exists on power diary which is incredibly useful.



Yes this is a really useful feature to avoid duplication.


Yes this feature would help us immensely in managing rooms and appointments. We have tried to use multiple locations but it has not worked with the level of shifting between rooms and the # of rooms we have to manage usage of.


This is a really important feature for us, and for people who share a clinic space. Being able to allocate a preferred space for an appointment type, or select from a group of available rooms. This would need to work invisibly foe online bookings - ie if the preferred space is not available even though the practitioner is, then the booking should not be able t o be made.

I really like the idea of room allocations. This would benefit our systems massively

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