Resolved: issues with Cliniko on the UK Shard

Hi everyone :wave:

Those of you on our UK shard may have experienced some issues with Cliniko this morning.

Some of our busy workers stopped, well, working :grimacing::weary: and this resulted in emails not being sent, including appointment confirmations and reminders. Other things that were impacted were SMS reminders, body charts not saving in treatment notes, file attachments showing as “processing”, as well as some reports not loading.

We got this fixed up as quickly as possible, and things are back to normal again. Any emails you attempted to send during this time should now have sent, appointment reminders and confirmations have now gone out and, finally, those file attachments should now be uploaded.

We’re really sorry for the hassle! We’re investigating the cause and putting in place further measures so we can be alerted of potential issues before they impact you!

Hope the rest of your Wednesday is plain sailing :pray:
Katie :blush:

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