Resend appointment reminders and confirmation emails?


Hi, occasionally I need to resend appointment reminders or booking confirmations, for example:

  • if I had the incorrect mobile phone number for a client. For example I recently had a sms reply for a new client saying ‘wrong number’ - oops! One digit had been entered incorrectly. So I re-entered the correct number but do not have the abililty to resend the reminder, short of cancelling the appointment and rebooking it, which may confuse the client as they’d also receive a booking confirmation again,
  • If I didn’t have the client’s email or phone number at the time the appointment was booked. Example - made a quick booking for a new client while on the phone, just enetered their name to book the appointment. Later when I add contact details, I’d like it if upcoming appointment confirmations would then go out, but seems there’s only a very limited time frame for this to happen.
    Any chance these things can or will be added? What I’d like is a ‘resend reminder’ or ‘resend confirmation’ option within the appointment info. Thanks!


I agree. I would love a send SMS for appointments that are made after the reminders go out!

I currently have activated booking confirmation emails for every booking type but this also only works if you have their email address…



Me too - I’d like a 'send reminder SMS/email" button. Mostly for when patients email asking when their appointment is - it would be faster and more idiot proof for me.

I put this in as a feature request last year, but didn’t hear anything :frowning: