Resend a form for COVID screening forms please

Can we please have a way to resend a form? Currently my COVID screening form is emailed in the reminder email so it is filled out just before the appointment. But if the appointment is made on short notice there is no way to get the form to the client. This is a safety issue! Please give us an easy way to resend/send a form after the emails go out. Thank you.

You can easily resend the form by going to the forms section on the patient and choose copy link.
You can then paste and then send that as an SMS or paste in an email.

You can also create a form in this page too and then copy the link. So if you have a different form you want a patient to complete then you can select this and create then copy link.

I have created a letter template - so I can then paste the link then choose send letter as email - and of letter is body of email makes it a message.