Reschedule Email Notifications

It is great to have the option to have booking and cancellation emails/texts but would it be possible to add rescheduled notifications as well?? Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi @smarzo! Thanks for the suggestion. Just to clarify, would this be a notification to let someone know that their appointment needs to be rescheduled and should contact you to set a date, or is this going out after the rescheduling has occurred?

The confirmation emails will go out again if an appointment is rescheduled (assuming the appointment date hasn’t passed and the appointment type has confirmation emails enabled!). When the information about the appointment changes, we operate on the assumption that the patient would need to know this, so will send out another confirmation email.

Do you think that would help out with what you’re needing?


Hey Emily,

I as the practitioner would like an email that the appointment has been rescheduled. I’ve worked with other scheduling systems (some were free even) and they had the option to send reschedule appointment emails which was super helpful.

We have two clinics and our receptionists manage both so I appreciate getting the emails that Jane cancelled or Michael booked but when Linda is suddenly missing from my schedule,… Where did she go? And if I can’t remember who was in on Tuesday at 6 but knew I was full, but now there is a space I’d just like to know where the client was moved to. If I knew it was Linda I would look it up but having the notification saves that extra step. I was just surprised that Cliniko didn’t offer this feature.

Thanks for reaching out to clarify.


Thanks again for your feedback @smarzo, I can definitely see why that’d be useful for you, and others I am sure!

In the mean time, where things have been rescheduled a new confirmation email should go out, if those are enabled for that appointment type as Emily mentioned. This means that your communication log will provide a bit of a clue as to the movement of the appointment.

I hope that helps!


I’ll have to look into that because I’m not getting any sort of notification for the appointment changes.



Ah, I think I may have misunderstood the “direction” of the emails you were talking about! When I responded initially, I was referring to patients getting another email with the new details of their changed appointment—not the practitioner getting these.

At the moment, if you have calendar booking notifications enabled (which it sounds like you do), we only send a message at the time of booking, not if the appointment is rescheduled. I definitely think it would be super helpful for another notification to be sent to the practitioner if there are any changes to that appointment, though—and can pass the feedback onto the team here!

Thanks again!


Okay, yes - it would be helpful for the practictioner as well. Thanks for forwarding that feedback on.


I was about to ask for the same feature! Some of our practitioners travel over an hour to see a patient so getting an email to advise that an appointment has been rescheduled before they set off would be hugely beneficial. Thanks

Are text or email notifications going to be sent to practitioners yet?

Recently an appointment got rescheduled from one practitioner to another and the new practitioner had no notification via text or email of the new appointment into their diary. If they hadn’t checked their diary at the last moment they would not have left to travel to work to see the pstient in time.

Since practitioners get a text of every new appointment made in their diary why can’t this also be added? Asking my receptionist to call the practitioners is not easy.