Reports to assist with controls for completeness of revenue

It would be really useful to have a report that can be printed for a date range (perhaps with additional filters if required) to provide a list of all appointments that have not yet been invoiced. At present one needs to look at each appointment in each week of a month to see if there are appointments that have not been invoiced. It would be much more effective if a report with unbilled appointments could be printed monthly for our accountant.

Hi, @rjlaxton. I have a solution for you that will allow you to generate a list of appointments that have been unbilled for your accountant :raised_hands:!

What you’ll need to do is generate an appointments export:

  1. Head to Settings → Data & docs → Data Exports
  2. Select “Appointments”, and set the date range of appointments you’re after
  3. Click “Export Data”
  4. Once the file finishes generating, download it (by clicking on the name of the data export) and open it in Excel.

You’ll then have a column for Invoice Number. If the column is empty, that means an Invoice has not yet been created.

You’ll be able to sort/filter by the Invoice Number column which will allow you to generate a list of unbilled appointments (which you can send/provide to your accountant).

If you run into any problems with the above, reach out to the support team via Help → Chat with Us and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you, Rachel. I have done this. I shall come back to you if I have any further questions re this.