Report that lists all patients with no appointments since mm/yyyy?

Would like a Report that shows all Patients who haven’t had an Appointment since dd/mm/yyyy.

We are looking to archive inactive patients and save space by cleaning out their physical files.

This could also be used by others who wish to contact inactive patients with the goal of having them become active again.

(I understand that this can be done by exporting patient data to a spreadsheet. Hmmmm … not a popular idea here - we wish to leave 1990’s style computing behind us.)


This would be very useful. We have many clients who are one-time attenders based on their personal needs and would be good to be able to keep on top of archiving clients in these situations.

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Hey there @Palmtree & @renae.kennewell
Have you had a look at our Patients without upcoming appointments report?

I’ve linked our guide to that report below, but reach out to us via or through the chat box within Cliniko if you need some more assistance with that.


I’ve gone to Reports: Patients without upcoming appointments and filled in Last appointment date with 3 Nov 2001 and 31 Oct 2019 and then clicked Create report

The result is useful for my purposes in that it gives me raw data. But that data needs a lot of improvement to be user friendly.

  1. Does the list distinguish between already Archived Patients and non-Archived Patients?
    If not:
    Can Cliniko produce a list of Archived Patients?
    I then learn how to use a spreadsheet to remove patients common to both lists?

  2. Can Cliniko present the Patient names in alphabetical order - the same order that my physical files are arranged in? Or does this need to be done outside Cliniko? (Export to spreadsheet. Spreadsheet: sort surname column alphabetically.)

EDITED: Withdrawn as happy enough with current functioning. Feature request updated: Modify Reports: Patients without upcoming appointments so that it can produce an alphabetical list by surname of Patients (with Archived Patients removed).

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Hi @Palmtree

  1. The report does not include archived patients.
    (as a side note. You can produce a list of archived patients at anytime, by running a patients data export, including archived records and then using the ‘Archived’ column to sort the sheet.

  2. The report is ordered based on the latest appointment date those patients have had, with the most recent appointments at the top. There isn’t a way to re-order that I’m afraid. You would need to copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet and perform that action there.


Thanks Matt.

  1. That is good news.

  2. That will work - it’s within my technical capabilities.

I’m now happy enough with what I can get done with Reports: Patients without upcoming appointments as it is.

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