Report for Completed Appointments without Completed Treatment Notes

Hi y’all, @rachel @Bart_Lewis @joel

I’m throwing another awesome feature request out there as I believe I’m 2/3 so far :wink:… not a bad hit rate :man_health_worker:t3:

As the owner of a multidisciplinary clinic, I like all of my practitioners (15) to be up to date with their treatment notes. Some are bloody lazy though and I have to drag them, kicking and screaming, to get them completed. I’m not talking specifically about simply creating “draft” notes I’m talking about even creating notes for some patients altogether.

It would be great for clinic admins/owners to have use of a report specifically so that I can view a list of practitioners who have “Completed Appointments” (invoice created) but no “Completed Treatment Notes”. This would hugely improve the ability for me to give some of my awesome team a mild roasting about note-taking. At the minute I have no idea who has what or how many notes outstanding from previous appointments.

If you can make this happen, I would be super grateful and I know a lot of the other clinic owners would be too :+1:t2::innocent:

Hope you guys are well, thanks a bunch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Hi, @Ben_Boulter :wave:!

While we don’t have a dedicated report for appointments without completed treatment notes, I can offer a quick way to generate this list by way of an appointment data export.

Just note, this export can only be completed by Administrators.

First, you’ll want to export your “Appointments” via Settings → Data exports then filter the exported Excel file by the Treatment Note Status column. For incomplete Treatment Notes specifically, you’ll want to select/filter by “Draft” or “Blanks”.

Once you’ve filtered your appointments by treatment note status, you can then add another filter so you’re only displaying the “completed appointments” or those appointments that have been invoiced (indicated in the Invoice Number column).

What’s left, is a list of completed appointments without completed treatment notes :raised_hands:.

Here is a quick video of everything above in action:

I hope this helps!


Hi @rachel,

Thanks for this its an awesome walkthrough. I have a few more options than you… bit of guidance required. My options are:

(Select All)
Draft, Final
Draft, Final, Final
Final, Draft
Final. Draft, Draft
Final, Final
Final, Final, Draft,
Final, Final, Final


I would un-select:

  1. Final
  2. Final, Final
  3. Final, Final, Final

That way you’re removing all results where the Treatment Notes were completed.

The reason you have those options is most likely due to the fact that it’s a group appointment/class or multiple treatment notes was created for the patient.

Correction: Final is good.
Final, Final means you have two treatment notes for the one appointment.
Final, Final, Final means you somehow created three treatment notes for the one appointment.

This is really useful. Can you do the same to filter for clinicians so you can then present them with a list of their notes not done or not finalised?

Hi @Libby! The practitioner names will also appear on the appointments export, so you can filter by practitioner too.

I must be doing something wrong. When I then go and filter for practitioner, I lose the treatment and invoice filters. How do I save these? Excel won’t allow me to filter these 3 columns together and says I need to do them separate?

You’ll want to highlight all 3 columns and apply the filter. If for some reason that isn’t working, you can select all the columns in your worksheet and apply the filter.

That way you now have the option to filter on ANY of the columns (including treatment and invoice filters).