Report for Appointments without completed notes


Is there a way to generate a report detailing which appointments do not have completed treatment notes? Trying to find a quick way to audit whether these have all been completed in full on a regular basis.

Thanks in advance



You can actually see whether appointments have treatment notes or not by doing a data export!

Head to Settings > Data Exports (under Data & Docs) > Choose appointments as the data to export > Choose the timeframe you want to assess.

Once it’s done, you can download that file and look for the column “Treatment Notes Status”. The ones that say “False” would mean that there is no treatment note :tada: . You don’t need to worry about N/A as those would be Group Appointments or Unavailable blocks!

If you wanted to do this regularly, you can just adjust the timeframe you want to look at! Maybe weekly? Maybe monthly? What ever would work for you!

I hope this helped!