Releases, improvements, and fixes: Treatment note questions, visibility of reports, and more!


Is it the middle of the week already? :scream: Time flies when you’re fixin’ bugs and releasing new features, I guess! Here’s a look at what’s been happening over the past week:

  • There was a quirky little bug with expenses that were also a part of a product purchase. If you needed to delete or change the related purchase details from that expense, Cliniko didn’t want to! It just wanted to hold onto those items and never let go, kinda like Jack in Titanic (RIP). Well, luckily, we’ve fixed that up, so any product-editing through an expense is now a-okay. :ok_hand:
  • The Patients data export now includes a column called “Business ID”—this is a unique number that’s related to the last business the patient visited. If you’re trying to sort patients by the last place they had a treatment, and your clinics had the same name, the Business ID column should help you out!
  • Power Receptionists normally can’t see any Practitioner revenue reports…however, they could previously see the associated graph on the Reports page. :bar_chart:This has been changed so now there’s simply no evidence of Practitioner revenue reports for those logged in as Power Receptionists!
  • If your clinic was located near or at the equator or prime meridian of this wonderful earth :earth_americas:, the maps on the Online Bookings pages weren’t displaying correctly! We fixed this. :blush:
  • When a patient is marked as “Arrived”, the little pop-up notification that showed up at the bottom of their screen started to only show their first name. :thinking:We’ve changed it back to have both first and last name!
  • There was an annoying little thing where, if you merged duplicate patients, treatment notes would go into hiding. :grimacing:We’ve changed this so that now, if you merge two patients together, all their notes will remain quite visible!
  • If you were adding a communication record for a patient, the “direction” (sent or received) wasn’t updating properly. This is fixed now! :+1:
  • The “Text” question in treatment note templates was relabeled as “Single line text”. This should make it easier to differentiate between what’s meant for shorter answers (single line text) and what’s meant for longer answers (paragraph text)!
  • Practitioners’ default appointment types were showing up when trying to book appointments at clinics where that appointment type wasn’t offered. :speak_no_evil::grimacing:This will no longer happen!
  • The “Recent invoices” list (shown when you’re creating or editing an invoice) now shows included tax!
  • The “Upcoming birthdays” report now includes up to 50 records at a time before you need to click “Load more”—previously, it had only shown 25!
  • If you’re integrated with MailChimp and get disconnected, the Admin email address of your account will now receive an email to let you know. :muscle:

As always, if you have any questions about anything, you can chat with our super support team via the Help → Chat with us tab in your Cliniko account! :speech_balloon: