Refund overpaid invoice


A client was accidentally overcharged on an invoice. This overpayment automatically created a credit on the client’s record in Cliniko. I have paid a refund to the client. How do I now record this refund in Cliniko so that the credit is removed from the client’s record.


Hi @filipingle! While we don’t have an official refund process at the moment, the best way to remove the account credit is to add a new payment. The new payment should have the payment source set to a NEGATIVE amount. So as an example, if their account credit is currently $50, in the Payment Source set it to -$50 (negative fifty). That way there is a record of the “refund” in your Revenue Reports and that will remove the Account Credit from their file.

If you run into any issues though or have additional questions, head to Help in your Menu then “Chat with us” so we can discuss this further.