Referring Doctors now working the way they used to


This is a tale of a bug fix gone wrong. A long while ago we rolled out the ability to connect a referring doctor to a patient record. It was supposed to be that only contacts marked as a doctor would show up in the search. A couple of years pass, and we discovered the bug while cleaning up some code so we “fixed” the bug.

Unfortunately, we discovered that a relatively large number of clinics were accustomed to using ALL their contacts as referring doctors, so we broke their workflow.

Some clinics reached out to us and we offered to change all of the contacts to doctor for them. By doing this, we continued to alter and break people’s workflow. Doh!

In the end, we put things back the way they used to be so all contacts can be used as referring doctors.

We messed up on this one, and we are sorry. :disappointed_relieved: