Referral Source Report that tracks income vs each referral source

Hi there,

Just wondering if other people would find a Referral Sources Report that tracks the dollar value that each referral source brings in helpful?

For example - If I spend $1000 a month on Promotion X and track the patients that come in as 30 a month, that’s great…but what did each patient spend? The current report doesn’t show you, that they only spent $33 each ($999 income total) means a $1 loss on Promotion X…

I am happy with the current report that shows patient numbers, but we really need to know what advertising works, whether the current promotion is bringing in patients as well as dollars. It just needs a tracking filter added to track the income generated.

Any thoughts,

Ta, Stew


Absolutely. Need to know what ROI we have, otherwise referral source info is irrelevant as it doesn’t help us to make any meaningful business decisions