Referral Details incl Ref Date / Expiry Dates


Hi. Was hoping we could have a referral section that offers more detail (specifically referral date and expiry date information along with type of referral). This would allow us to be able to proactively pull up reports to notify our patients that their referral is due for renewal (we are currently fudging other fields to enable us to do this eg: reference number field). We are also required to send letters to GP at the end of a referral period so this would allow us to easily identify which patients require letters.



My company has this same issue and we are trialling a treatment note template to add all the information but it’s not ideal when the time comes to find the information. Good suggestion.

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Yes please, we needs this service for Medicare referrals and other referrals. Would be so handy to have an ability to book a “block” of maximum appointments, which will then automatically ‘count down’ (e.g. 2/5 appts attended), and will update this ‘count down’ if an appointment is cancelled (e.g. 1/5 attended).

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Yes please! This would also be useful when claiming manually with Medicare as Cliniko doesn’t talk to them yet. Having all the information present would be easier than having to constantly flick and back and forth through the patients file.