Reduce Template/Appointment Box size in Visit notes

Currently the Template/Appointment Box (blue background) that appears at the top of the treatment notes screen takes up approximately 1/4 of the vertical screen space - for only 4 lines of text (the headings, template name, appointment details).

That’s a lot of screen real estate devoted to so little data. Substantially more of the actual Visit Note information could be on display if this information box was reduced in size (vertically at least).

Alternatively could be a window that can be shrunk upwards when not in use, to reveal more of the important stuff (Visit Notes).

Hi @Fipsy, thanks for the message!

It sounds like you are talking about the page when you are editing a treatment note. That area does take up some vertical space, but for the important function of template and appointment selection. It can be scrolled completely off the page to get to the treatment note you are editing below it.

Hope this helps!


Hi Marcus,

Yes I noticed I can easily scroll down, but it’s worth noting that this puts the Medical Alerts banner out of view - probably something that should always be visible.


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