Recurring expense option


I think it would be phenominal to have a “repeating expense” option similar to the “repeating appointment” option. That way monthly/weekly recurring fixed expenses can be entered in 1/12th of the time.

Just thought I’d throw that out there



Like that idea Dan.
We have so many monthly fixed bills, like utilities, rent, software, broadband which is the same amount and same date each month.
Can I also add -
Please add the ability to show what payment source was used to pay the expense…Card, Bacs, Cheque (who uses these anymore) Paypal etc etc…


Also being able to search expenses/invoices/payments by date.

As well as being able to view more items in the above categories per page. Right now it’s at 15 items/page, being able to move that out to 100 +would be ideal. I currently have hundreds of pages of expenses at 15 items per page. Not being able to search by date makes it insanely difficult to find an item from serveral years ago.


This would make it so much easier to manage expenses! Both the recurring Monthly expense and being able to search by date!