Reception Column on Diary

The Clinic I work for has 30+ staff across 5 clinics. We add reception shifts into the schedule as an ‘unavailable block’ into a practitioner’s column who is not working at the clinic. However- this means that the practitioner shows up on our embedded online booking calendar for that particular clinic but with no appointments available.
Hiding the practitioner’s availability from online bookings hides them across all clinics- not just for 1 location.

Just wondering how other clinic’s handle adding in reception shifts? Have you created a dummy practitioner account called “Reception” and hidden it’s availability from online bookings? Do you use a separate program?

Thanks in advance


We have a practitioner column for Admin and then have each admin staff member added as a client so that we can book their shifts in as if they were appointments which helps keep track of who is working when.

We also use the appointment block to write tasks or “pass notes” from practitioner to admin and admin to admin.

Hope this helps!