Quickbooks Integration

Hi - I am new to Cliniko and currently use Quickbooks online as an accounting software. I have noticed that there isn’t an option to integrate Cliniko and Quickbooks, is there a work around for this or are there any plans to include Quickbooks as an integration option?
Thanks for any help / suggestions.


Hi Sashley, This topic was raised back in 2018 and still no QuickBooks integration. No one from Cliniko replied on the topic last time, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I’m using Xero and the integration works well and is easy to setup, although its a one way integration. Meaning changes in Xero won’t auto update in Cliniko.

Our office also uses QuickBooks. I would am also in favor of an integration with QB.

I also use quickbooks and finding this very frustrating that I am having to do my accounts twice!