Quesion for peeps using Cliniko and Cliniqapps

Hi Peeps

How do you deal with the apparent problem that you cannot technically be GDPR compliant vis specific opt in for marketing? The default is to subscribe everyone. With the Cliniko-Mailchimp integration you can set up a double opt in…so they get the confirmation from Cliniko, with a link to a paper form, and then the opt in request for marketing. No danger of marketing to people who don’t want it.

But part of the point of starting to try it out was to do finer grain recalls/etc. I will still do newsletters in MC because I can use folders and have loads of things in there. So, I will have to get notifications of MC unsubscribes in order to keep the Cliniqapps up to date…but that’s manageable I think. It’s the people who go into my Cliniko who won’t want to opt in to marketing that’s the caveat it doesn’t seem to handle. I looked today to find out the impact of this - it was about 30% of my new patients since GDPR who were in my Cliniko database but not in any list on Mailchimp. That’s a lot of potential people being marketed to until they actually make it in to the clinic for their appointment.

The help files seem to imply that ticking the privacy notice is enough, but compliance can’t be had that way for marketing, it has to be specific and explicit.

What do you all do?