Products With Variations


Hey Cliniko’ers

I’d like to put my hand up for some improvements around the products page.

We currently need to create a different product for each variant of what we stock. Things such as resistance band wasn’t such an issue… we’d set 4 different products with the same value, not the end of the world.


Now we’re stocking footwear this is a real issue! We have colour, size and type variants which means we need 14 different products saved in Cliniko for each colour! Not ideal.
I really like the way stripe deals with inventory and suggest Cliniko could do something similar which would improve not only keeping track of stock but easily creating invoices for those in my situation.

Cheers :smile:


Yep with you all the way Luke, we have many variants of compression garments so variants would be very helpful - we have compression level, colour, and size variants!


Yes Agree the Products section needs improvements.We have variations in sizes too .
Having to go back and forth when keying receipts and not being able to view as 1 product.
Having worked in footwear many years ago it must be difficult to not be able to see your size range at a glance for stocks and sales etc. Marie