Process or Product for managing multiple authorised patient visits (e.g. EPC, MHCP)


Feature request following the discussion at Managing EPCs via Cliniko.

Many practices need to manage multiple patient visits based on an EPC, Mental Health Care Plan or some other referral scheme where multiple visits are required to be recorded and tracked, and usually a report or letter provided after the allocated visits are complete.

There are numerous ways this could be done, with modifications of existing functions within Cliniko. For example :

  • Create a new product type for multiple scheduled visits with the relevant fields for an EPC/MHCP. Some products have expiry periods or work over calendar years, so add an expiry date/annual quota function. Associate this with a patient, decrement the number of allowed visits based on appointments linked to the EPC. Add a note to appointments and/or invoices to show the number of visits used and remaining. Use a treatment note template as a template report at the end of the visit set.

  • Create Fields within a Patient record for an EPC or Care Plan to be recorded. Add these fields to the Appointment form and Invoice template, with tracking of the number of visits recording under the EPC. Use a treatment note template as a template report at the end of the visit set.

The 1st method is preferred, and potentially can repurpose existing code. Please consider!

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Ping? signs of life here? For those who need this functionality, please keep on upvoting to see if we can make some sort of difference.

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I am also interested in a feature to track MHCP / EPC/ Insurance / NDIS sessions.


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