Print All Appointments as Placeholder in Reminder/Confirmation

I am currently working for a clinic that offers 10-day treatments.
I was wondering if it would be possible to include the date and time for all 10 appointments into one reminder/confirmation email?
I can see that it is possible to print all upcoming appointments within the Appointments section of the Patient file. Is there a way to add that as a Placeholder within a reminder/confirmation email so that the PDF is attached and sent to the patient?
This would mean they would receive one email with the details of all 10 appointments, as opposed to 10 separate emails.

This would be really helpful!
I’m finding it very time consuming to have to manually enter a whole programme of appointments into a timetable letter for patients.
It would be great if I could somehow add the ‘apppointment log’ to the body of the letter or attach it as a PDF.
Kind regards