Previous appointments

Hey, just a suggestion. Would you consider having a patient’s previous appointment listed when you click on their appointment rather than just a forward appt only? If it was there for quick reference it would save a lot of needless checking.
We need to know when a patient hasn’t been in for a while as it effects the booking process and how long we need to allow for them to be seen. For example, if a patient hasn’t been in for 3 years or more we process them as a new patient. This appointment is considerably longer than a standard and we could get into a real bind if no one picks up on it in time.
At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a quick or easy way to access that info and its really quite relevant.
Also, could we have a warning shown when booking a patient who hasn’t been in for a certain amount of time? For instance 18 months or more?
It would be awesome if these could be included in a future update. Thanks!:blush: