Prepayments for services


Hi all,

The help topic on prepayments is really helpful but doesn’t meet our exact situation.

In the help topic, the process starts with a client making a payment. This is treated as a credit which is gradually whittled down through invoices.

Our situation is we are contracted by a charity who pay in advance for the sessions of an individual. So we raise an invoice to the charity, who then pay us the bulk amount. This makes the invoice and the payment the same; Cliniko doesn’t then record a balance of what sessions we owe to the client .

Any suggestions about how we handle this? Thanks!


I’m sure you’re not the only clinic that manages something like that, so hopefully someone has some further ideas for you!

I would imagine though that you would need to track the balance outside of Cliniko entirely - set up a spreadsheet of outstanding payments, or something similar.


Thanks Jim - we’re hoping that through our links to Xero the balance would be kept there as the difference between the sessions conducted and the payment.

Perhaps the answer is in having something other than the invoice as the thing that the funding group pays us on.

I’m still very interested in what others in the community can suggest.


After you create the invoice I’d delete it when you have received payment but just before you enter it in cliniko (and put a note that you have done this when payment is entered). Then the payment shows as a credit that would be reduced by the fee when a patient pays.
We use Xero for our accounts so deleting it from cliniko has no effect.
The invoice is no longer relevant since it was a tool to get the money in the first place. Once you have credited the patients this money was for they will use it up as their treatments progress.
What do you think?


That sounds like a really interesting idea - I’ll have a talk to the bookkeeper and see how we might implement it. A variation is that we might create the invoice in Cliniko, send it to the funding organisation then change the invoice amount so it is $0 before it syncs to Xero.


I normally have to invoice from my bookkeeping software to do this. For room rentals and I’ve even had to do this for invoicing axa, as for some reason when I email from cliniko the account statement as an invoice I don’t get paid.