Prepayment of package deals


I’d like to see an option for clients to be able to pre-pay for a package of a certain number of sessions. Ideally with a discount attached. Then each time they take a session the system deducts the amount from their balance.


Hi @claire_hypno! While we don’t have session tracking available we do offer a workaround for clients who pre-pay for sessions! Currently, we recommend creating what’s called Account Credit. Every time they come in for a session, you can then use part of their Account Credit/Balance.

Article on that Process:

In regards to a discount, you can also use what’s called Concession Types to handle this. It will automatically apply a discount to the Billable Items you’ve added special pricing on :raised_hands:!

Here is a video on setting up and applying Concessions: Adding Concession Types & Pricing - Tip of the Week