Preferred Name Please


It would be great to have the ability to have a preferred name for a patient. Especially here in Melbourne, we have many people who have a preferred name other than their official name.



Yes. We would find this very useful too. ATM we do Henry (Bill) but then people tend to forget which the preferred name is :frowning: plus it looks silly on invoices


Agreed! Preferred name would be awesome. We too use the bracket trick which really depersonalises a name merge into an automated email!


100% agree with this one!


Me too, this would be great.


I have asked about this one before and still wish we had it! Not only for those with a preferred name as such, but we have many older patients who are known by their middle name and not their given name. Please Cliniko!


I would like that too! Particularly for my older generation clients - some prefer Mr or Mrs… and some are happier with their first name.


This would be helpful , as we have a few people who like to be called by something other than their given name.


I too would like this. I can’t think of a good reason to use “Preferred Name” in the “Contacts” but definitely would use it in the “Patients”. It has been asked for for at least 3 years now why hasn’t it been sorted yet Cliniko???


Sorry, I don’t know where I got the 3yrs from but its still very much required!!!


I’m pretty confident that’s been on the request list for more than 3 years Sally - I’m sorry we haven’t been able to get to it!

We had made a lot of progress on it a few years ago, but then the developer who was working on it was pulled into more pressing issues. By the time he was able to go back to it, the work he had done was out-dated and no longer usable. It’s definitely something we should get back to soon.


Yes please! I see alot of Transgender clients and this would be really helpful!

And can we please fix the gender marker section! Rather than having a purely binary model, or not applicable? (would be great to see this more LGBTIQ friendly)

Something like:
[] Female
[] Male
[] Intersex
[] MtF Female
[] FtM Male
[] Non-binary
[] Prefer not to disclose