Pre-Paid Client Visit Tracker

Hi. With all of the great improvements to Cliniko lately, please consider a pre-paid client appointment tracker system. Since clients can now book online , make individual online payments, and use telehealth services with ease, it would be a huge asset to both the client and practitioner to set up pre-paid care plans that could be easily invoiced and tracked minimizing numbers of payment transactions, cash exchange by hand, and more! Hope can give this some serious consideration for the very near future! thanks


This will be extremely handy.

Perfect! I agree and this should be handy with group sessions too when they buy 10 class passes etc an automatic way of ticking off the pass and for the client to know how many are left would be a huge bonus too! TIA!!

dr.barry, an excellent idea! I have been creating a Case for each pre-paid client, and using either a date range or maximum number of visits to track their progress. There are limitations however, for example; online bookings have to be manually linked to a Case (and who can remember to do that?!), and selecting a booking in the appointment screen only shows the number of visits to date - not the maximum number nor the date range.

So, while a pre-paid tracker system would be the ideal, would the lovely Cliniko developers please consider a short-term fix by revealing the date range for a Case (alongside the number to date) on the appointment window?

we would love a lead tracker too

Yes please! This would be ideal, when creating packages it would be phenomenal to see how many treatments they have left