Pre authorisation option to secure cancellation policy is respected


Same as with Uber: clients need to register their credit card details before making a booking. Once a booking is made, $1 is held from their account as a pre authorisation to have access to that account. If the client cancels within the cancellation policy they will have to pay the determined fee, equally for a no show. Given Cliniko will be integrating with Heath Fund claims systems like Hicaps in Australia, this means only legit bookings will come through.


That is an excellent idea,
I would look forward to that if it were introduced on Cliniko



What happens for Vet affairs, Workcover, TAC clients in this case?


Terms and Conditions. Advise your clients of the house policy. Then once payment is taken, email them the receipt. If they accept your terms before entering the booking, then it’s no longer your responsibility.