Practitioners can now be notified of ALL new appointments!


If you’re a practitioner, you can now receive notifications for all of your new bookings—not just ones made online! :spiral_calendar:

Previously, new booking notifications could only be sent out if a patient made the appointment themselves. Now, however, you can set things up so that if reception (or anyone that is not you!) books an appointment, you can receive an email or SMS notification (or both)! You’ll be alerted about two minutes after the appointment has been made.

You can customise your new booking settings in your Practitioner details page:

The function is pretty similar to cancellation notifications—the only difference being that you’ll be alerted if reception (or anyone other staff member) books an appointment for you, rather than cancels one!

:point_up:Quick note: online booking notifications will be unaffected by this setting. So if you currently recive SMS notifications for appointments booked online, and select email for manually booked ones, you’ll still get SMS messages whenever a patient books an appointment through your online bookings page!

As always, let us know if you have any questions on anything!




Will this be for any booking made? Can it be tailored to the appointment type? For example a new patient booking would be useful, but a patient booking there next appointment would not


It can’t, though we’re listening to feedback! If it’s something that lots of people need, we’ll definitely look into it.