Practitioners can digitally sign invoices

Exciting news! Practitioners can now automatically add their digital signature to invoices :raised_hands:!!

Just note: we plan on adding additional areas, documents, and templates where you can add a practitioner’s signature :tada:.

Adding a user signature

To add your digital signature, head to “My Info” within the Cliniko (underneath your name):

From here, scroll down and select “Add signature” (underneath the “Change your password” section):

Once selected, on the Change your signature page, you’ll see a box where you can create or update your digital signature:

Use the Clear option underneath the box to reset your signature but once you’re happy, make sure to save your changes. You’ll be prompted for your password, but once confirmed, you’re all set :tada:!

Practitioner signature settings for invoices

Once a practitioner has their digital signature set up, they can also control how signatures are added to future invoices.

Just note: Only the practitioner can change this setting for themselves.

To access this setting, practitioners will need to head over to “My Info” within the Cliniko (underneath your name) and select “Edit your practitioner settings”:

From here, under “Sign invoices”, they can select the following options:

  • None: the practitioner’s signature will not be applied in any way;
  • Invoices assigned to this practitioner by anyone: the practitioner’s signature will be applied automatically regardless of the user who created it;
  • Invoices this practitioner assigns themselves to: the practitioner’s signature will be applied automatically only if the practitioner creates or later assigns an invoice to themselves.

Once an option is selected, the practitioner will need to save their changes by selecting Update practitioner at the bottom of their profile.

Applying practitioner signature to invoices

Now that the Sign invoice setting has been adjusted, the next time the practitioner or a team member create an invoice, the practitioner’s signature will be applied automatically as long as "Invoices assigned to this practitioner by anyone or “Invoices this practitioner assigns themselves to” has been selected in the practitioner’s settings.

Once a practitioner signature has been applied to an invoice, it cannot be altered. If the practitioner updates their signature via their settings or the practitioner is set to inactive, the original signature will remain unchanged. Of course if the assigned practitioner is changed, the signature will be replaced (if set-up to be applied).

Just note: practitioner signatures cannot be applied manually to invoices (including older invoices).

If you have any questions about this change, please reach out to the support team.


Brilliant, can’t wait until this is available to sign letters as well