Practitioner-specific rates for Online Booking

Hi Cliniko Team

At the moment we have a general rate for individual therapy, and then a couple of therapists who charge a higher rate for the same service. The only workaround we have been able to find, is to set up new billable items and then when those two therapists go to invoice, they select their unique billing codes from the drop down menu. While it involves an unnecessary extra step for them during invoicing, it is a feasible workaround.

However, this presents a real problem for online bookings. Because when clients select a type of service, e.g. “Individual Therapy 50mins”, it shows the default rate for that service (the lower rate), and so would be misleading for clients booking with those two therapists, as they would book thinking it’s one rate, then learn when they come in that it’s a higher rate. As a result, we cannot market those two clinicians on the online booking page.

Can we please, please, get a fix for this, so we can have clinicians providing the same service but at different rates, and have this reflected in online booking? JaneApp provides this but I do not want to move softwares because myself and our team are invested in Cliniko.

Thank you,