Practitioner specific number of available appointments per "day segment"

Good afternoon Cliniko-ers, @Bart_Lewis @rachel, @joel

It’s been a while since I’ve suggested something to change, but I usually have a reasonably good hit-rate.

We have just introduced a “practitioner” (a massage/mobilising couch thing) that I want to show ALL of its availability online. However, I cant without changing everyone else’s amount of available slots.

It would be useful to have a default number of slots available - as shown modifiable in settings > online bookings, which can then be overridden by a rule/option in each practitioners individuals settings.

That way online bookings would only show that I have 2 slots available in the morning (as I now do), but the massage thingy shows that it has availability all throughout the morning.

I believe this should be a relatively simple request, but it does make things easier for clinic that have a combination of employed as well as self employed practitioners.

Hope that all makes sense. Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Ben

Hi, @Ben_Boulter! That makes sense!

We don’t have any upcoming plans to create Practitioner specific settings to control “Max appointments per day segment” for Online Bookings but can definitely see how it would be useful!

We’ve also seen some requests to control what time(s) certain Appointment Types can be scheduled (for example: Massage appointments are available from 12-5PM while other appointments can only be booked from 8AM-12PM). This would help manage the number of appointments shown per day segment while also ensuring that appointments are scheduled at the preferred times for the Practitioners.

It sounds like this feature would also help manage the amount of available slots as you mentioned. Again we don’t have immediate development plans for this but is being considered for future updates :raised_hands:!

Thank you so much for requesting this!

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