Practitioner Roles


I want my phlebotomist to be able to have an appointment schedule and the ability to make a little note saying what blood test was taken, but I do not need her to be able to see the patients treatment notes that other practitioners have made. However I need the doctors to be able to see each other’s treatment notes, for continuity of care within the practice.

Is it possible to vary the practitioner roles between practitioners? Or create different tiers of security within the practitioner role?


We have a similar problem with self employed practitioners being able to see each others diaries and able to gain access to ALL patient contact details. From a database security and GDPR point of view (here in UK) it isn’t good.


This function is available. To some extent. There is a checkbox that makes notes only visible to the practitioner. So the phlebotomist would be only able to see her notes.
This would then potentially apply to the doctors too but if you make them administrator then they can see everything anyway. And since a doctor should be able to access everything this may not be a problem making them administrators?

As self employed practitioners and HCPC professionals the data should be protected by professional standards. I feel limiting access too much can be detrimental.