Practitioner Performance Report Changes


We’ve made two new changes to the Practitioner Performance Report.


First, we’ve added a new column within the Practitioner Performance Reports. You can now view the number of Patients Without Upcoming Appointments directly from the Performance Report :scream:.

The numbers shown here will mirror the Patients Without Upcoming Appointments Report. Specifically, the Patients whose latest appointment was in the interval chosen for the Performance Report.

Just note these numbers include those who might have a recall scheduled. Additionally, the numbers shown for Without Upcoming are a “snapshot” – meaning it’s accurate at the time you’ve generated the Report. If you book an appointment for one of those patients, the “Without Upcoming” column will not update automatically. You’ll need to regenerate the report to update those results.


Second, we’ve changed how you access created Performance Report. Once a Report has been generated, in order to view the Report you’ll now need to click the date of the Report. The “View” button has been removed.