Practitioner performance: letters to referrers

It would be helpful to have a practitioner performance metric that shows the number (and %) of patients that a practitioner used Cliniko Letter templates to create a patient letter and actually sent the letter via email from within Cliniko. This could be added to Cliniko > Reports > Performance > individual appointments. Patient letters to referrers are for many therapists the best way we have to ‘sell’ ourselves to our referrers. If a therapist is not writing letters then they are also often disappointing the referrer who is then left in the dark as to whether a patient is being cared for. Even if such a metric only measured created letters rather than sent letters it would still be very useful. It would be very helpful if it measured letter created by a Cliniko letter template that had names [‘This name is for your reference only’] that included words such as ‘Initial’ and or ‘Subsequent’.