Practitioner Order for ipads, phones

When using the desktop version of Cliniko, you can drag the practitioner order based on what you’d like to see left to right on the appointment calendar screen. Unfortunately you CAN’T drag to reorder practitioners on ipads/phones! This can be really confusing for our technical assistants using ipads/tablets and we have certain practitioner columns for different appointment types (ie. exams) and its really confusing if the order is usually column Chiro 1, Chiro 2, Chiro 3 but on the ipad its Chiro 2, Chiro 1, Chiro 3 for example.
Also, we’d like the massage therapists to be grouped together, not in between other appointment types (like Chiro 1, RMT 2, Chiro 3, RMT 1 – would be much better Chiro 1, 2, 3, RMT 1, 2 like we have on desktop). We’d really appreciate this being fixed for consistency across all devices! Thankyou

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