Practitioner invoices to me

Hi All,

I hope I’m posting this in the appropriate area.

I am quite new to Cliniko so apologies in advance for the basic questions.

As my business has grown, I have been trying to streamline my business flows as much as possible and this has meant using more and more features of Cliniko.

I currently use Cliniko as my CMS exclusively and make use of customer patient fields to fill in any gaps that might exist in the default patient form.

My main pain point at the moment is billing/invoicing and expenses.

Currently I use a lot of manual export operations to capture appointment, patient and expense information and then use this to invoice manually via xero (mostly). I don’t use the invoicing function in Cliniko yet. I will be doing that soon along with xero integration.

My question is related to my practitioner invoices. At the moment, I ask each of my practitioners to send me an invoice at the end of the month. I then manually reconcile their invoices with a data export and when I confirm that the invoice is “about right” I pay them manually. Their invoices include the consultation appt times, expenses and travel times/distance.

This is obviously VERY time consuming and I am a victim of growing quickly and not knowing how to do this properly.

So I my questions are:

  1. How do I deal with practitioner invoices to me? (this is different to what I charge)
  2. How do I deal with practitioner expenses to me?
  3. How do I deal with travel times/distances? Is there a way to capture this per patient visit?
  4. Can I use Cliniko to essentially pay my practitioners invoices? Or is that a xero thing?

Happy to read any documentation.

Thanks in advance.

This is not going to answer your questions but may at least help you think if the way we do it could work for you or not. We do not use any external invoice system (e.g. Xero) so I do not know if this will make it complicated for you.

We have a separate business on Cliniko called ‘Practitioner Invoices’. Our Practitioners are all ‘Patients’ in Cliniko too. We run the weekly report by ‘Closed’ invoices and create an invoice for the practitioner (who is a patient) in this extra business that shows the appointments that the practitioner did that week (with the % they get for each appointment type), the products they sold (normally put as Adjustments so they do not change the stock level) and any commission they received. You then need to ‘pay’ / zero the invoice so we add a ‘revenue share’ product as a minus of the total. This email then gets emailed to the practitioner and we pay them externally.

We found that doing the invoices for the Practitioners meant there were no delays, they could run the reports themselves to check everything was correct and they loved the fact that they had one less job to do.

That is the basic way of explaining it. Not sure if will help, but I hope you find a solution.