Practitioner ability to edit/delete invoices

I contacted cliniko support and they are not able to help currently but suggested I raise my query here.

I have my own cliniko account and have my own associates working for me. I’m also an an associate at another clinic.
The issue is with not being able to delete or edit invoices as a practitioner. The number of times I have gone onto auto pilot and created an invoice without applying a discount or making some other change or notes. I then can’t amend and have to pester my boss to get her to do it. Like wise my associates do the same and have to pester me to change. Would it be a good idea to be able to set permissions for practitioner to have the ability to at least edit an invoice.

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This would be so useful especially as our practitioners now have to create invoices the long way round due to online payments creating and closing an invoice for the appointment which is only a partial payment for the appointment. They make so many mistakes so being able to edit the invoice created by online payments would help reduce admin and errors massively.