Practice Revenue Report on Closed Invoices by Service/Product Category

Good Morning. Building on a March 19 topic that was addressing the issue of Practice Revenue reports on cash basic and the fact that this report does not give you a break down of the services and products, as it does if you raise the same report using the 'Invoiced Amount (accrual) option.
We incur GST on only some of the services that we provide. For internal and external audit purposes, we are required to break out payments received, into the split of those services that incur GST and those that do not. I did contact Cliniko to see if perhaps l could create an excel doc via settings, that might do the job, however, this was the reply:

"The Practitioner revenue by closed invoices report will show the service item and tax amount but it can’t be filtered by the tax type and is run only on a practitioner basis I’m afraid.,

The only export that comes close would be the Invoice Items data export, which is also found in Settings > Data exports . The only snag is this export can’t be filtered by invoice status (open/closed) – If you were comfortable with Excel, you could try using the invoices export to separate the closed invoices and cross that with the invoice items data export, where the individual invoice items and tax type will be! ’

The time required to create anything that comes close to being adequate for our purposes, was significant and we would like to audit regularly, to ensure that our Cliniko reports as aligning to our accounting reports, as the two programs do not talk to each other. Additionally many invoices are closed into the next financial year than the year they were raised, making the auditing even more essential.
It would seem not a difficult fix, as the system currently allows for the breakdown under ‘Raised Invoices’ (Invoiced Amount), to enable the system to do so under ‘Closed Invoices’ (Closed Invoices).

I would love to know if Cliniko is working on this and additionally, if other businesses could also benefit from such a report.

Many thanks. Colleen