Popup message notification

There needs to be a pop-up message notification that appears on the appointment calendar page for internal communication between the Doctor in the adjusting room and the front desk. I realize it is available on the dashboard but this is only opened and viewed before the clinic shift starts. I often need to communicate specific instructions relating to the patient to the front desk. Ie. 'The patient has asked if they can pay next time" or “The patient wants to make a new patient appointment for their husband” etc


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We have a very powerful solution for this in www.cliniqapps.com. Please have a chat with us, we will help you set it up.

We have our assistants use an ipad or tablet to leave realtime ‘unavailable’ messages on the appointment - however it would be great if there were an icon showing if there is a new note. Thanks Cliniko.

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Think this is a great idea! we currently use a programme called telegraph for this purpose but if it was on Cliniko it would be so much easier.

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Is there a further charge for this app?

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