Please clarify future cost of Telehealth

I’m really happy that we have a video option now and grateful that you got this up and running so quickly at a time of need. Thank you.

The thing that concerns me is how much this will cost in the future and what your pricing model will look like, e.g. will it be an add-on lump sum or per minute? I’ve moved all my patients online and am using Zoom and don’t want to move them to Cliniko Telehealth until I know the cost.

Given the current situation, and increasedremote work, I definitely would prefer a fixed monthly charge rather than a per minute charge.

I appreciate that this all happened quickly, but it would be great if you could let us know the pricing as soon as possible.


We would also like to know this before making the change from another program.


One issue to consider is that, at this stage, CorePlus and Power Diary have said that they will not be charging extra for Telehealth.