Placeholder tag generator

Hi! for those of us with poor memory/do not think in code, it would be really useful to have a simple placeholder code generator mini-menu at the bottom of the sections that accept or require placeholder tags.
As it is my practitioners are switching between the letter creation template to have access to the placeholder menu to generate the code then copy and pasting them into where they want it to be to make sure they have the correct wording/spelling or the brackets in the right place.
I feel this would also cut down on broken placeholder tags.
off the top of my head, I think the invoicing template has sections to enter placeholders for the text but no drop-down menu set.
Hope this helps,

Hey Estelle,

Invoice templates (found in Settings → Finances → Invoices) have dropdowns for placeholders just like the letter templates - they should always be found at the top of the text box.

I don’t think we have any places that accept placeholders, but don’t have dropdowns, but if there’s a place that is causing trouble, please let us know!

okay so for example there is no referring doctor placeholder menu on the settings>finances> invoices menu? so I figure having smaller placeholder generator menu for the placeholder types not on the section? The referring doctor information like name, provider number and the date of referral is required to be on the invoice if the patient is wanting to use the invoice to lodge a claim with medicare. Medicare Claim Invoice Requirements.

Also because of this having a section in a client file for date of referral would be much help