Pin a treatment note to the top for easy, quick reference when writing other notes!

Is there a particular treatment note that you need to frequently reference? Perhaps the note from a patient’s initial consultation has a whole lot of history that you want to refer back to while writing other notes. Well, today’s your luckly day! :tada: Why?

Because you can now pin treatment notes to the top! :raised_hands:

Indicated by a little pink pin icon :pushpin:, a pinned note will always show up at the top of the previous notes (while you’re writing a new note):

And it’ll also always show up at the top of the main treatment notes page:

To pin your note of choice, simply look for the light pin icon in the upper-right of any note:

Once pressed, that’ll pin that note to the top! :dancer: This should be handy if you ever need to refer back to the history you took down when the patient first visited you (or anything, really)! :hugs:


Hi Team!

Any chance of enabling a Pin feature to messages on the dashboard? I’d love to be able to keep a key message or two Pinned and not get lost in the ever-expanding list of messages for our teams.

Thank you!