Picture of practitioner

Hi - I have seen others have a picture of each practitioner on the booking ‘more info’ but I can’t seem t paste a picture into the ‘description’ field… anyone know how to do it?

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There isn’t a built-in feature to add photos for Practitioners but another Cliniko family member has figured out a workaroound. They made a little video, and it can be seen here:

Using some coding, they were able to add “profile photos” of each practitioner to the appointments on the online bookings page. So while it does require the use of HTML (which is a bit technical) it is a decent workaround I’ve seen others mention.

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Thank you Rachel. That’s awesome

This is interesting - I had hoped that I would be able to insert html into the order confirmation email as well as the description (shown by Rachel in the youtube clip). This would then address my issue (Add hyperlinks to rich text editor for email comms) but I don’t seem to be able to use it in the comms form…instead the html tags are displayed.