Picking Invoices to Pay

Hi there,

Is there a way to pick and chose which invoice is getting paid. For example, I have payment coming from an insurance company for a couple of clients. Sometimes they pay invoices with a later date. So I may have submitted claims for July 1st, 7th, 14th, etc all the way to Sept 1st, 7th etc. I might get payment for the Sept ones before the July ones. It seems, even if I click on the invoice that I want to pay off, it gets automatically assigned to the oldest unpaid invoice, just means keeping track can be difficult, if you’re not careful.

Am I just missing something? Or is this not a feature?

Thank you in advance!


It is a little annoying, but if you scroll to the bottom where it allocates to the invoice, you have to manually cut and paste the payment amount into the invoice you want it to allocate to.


You can pick what invoices to allocate to a payment. By scrolling down to the bottom of the screen you can see which invoices are outstanding and you can then allocate your payment to the correct invoices or invoices.

Hope this helps!

I have this issue all the time ! I hate that it allocates it to the first outstanding payment.

Why is there not an option that allows us to manually select what payment correlates to what invoice ?