Physitrak / MyPhysio


Im wondering if anyone has any experience with these apps both in terms of their overall functionality and also their integration with cliniko.

Seems that both would work well for exercises / info sheets. MyPhysio has that extra marketing element with push notifications but Physitrak has the telehealth element, which while I dont do now could be beneficial as an avenue to explore.

I have 2 physios and 2 locations. Pricing in MyPhysio cheaper if I set it up for 2-5 physios 1 location (I wonder if this will work with integration or be forced to set up as 2 locations and pay the extra) whereas Physitrak pricing is ok with 2 therapist but grows more quickly if add more as its a per practitioner set up.


Hi Greg,

Have not tried MyPhysio but we use Physitrak here at our practice.

We find that what it does well with the integration is capture the client information needed to send the rehab programme to (i.e. email, name etc.).

What we find great about it are the helpful videos that go with the exercises. Great for those who are absent minded.

But when my team does some modifications to the prescribed exercises during their sessions, it would be very hard to find something similar that will do a good job at explaining what was done during the actual session.

Hope this helps!


Hi Greg,

If it is of interest then take a look at TrackActive exercise software as we have 30 day free trial. We have an integration with Cliniko and offer a 6 month 25% discount for Cliniko users. If you have any questions then please email us at

Kind regards,

The TrackActive Team.